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please help... can't breath... What doctor next?

I am 26, Female, short of breath. It's the feeling that you've ran a few blocks and are out of breath, but it's all the time. Even going up stairs. No one can tell me what's wrong with me. It started a month and a half ago. I should note that it started along with the warmer weather... although I haven't found a link to that yet. i also have heart palpitations and the feeling that my heart is stalled. I also have i feeling of acid reflux and something feels wierd in my chest under my breastbone. I also smell cigarette smoke all the time even though there are no smokers here ..its a ghost smell.

 One night I woke up from a sound sleep...i sat up, and felt short of breath. I may or may not have panicked, but my heart started pounding fast and HARD... I couldn't stop it. I tried water, sitting, laying..nothing. It was brief, only a minute, but i ended up calling 911 because I was so scared and out of breath..I thought i was having a heart attack and I was alone at night with my 2 year old. They came and checked my bp- 120/82. (usuall is 100/60) My o2 was at 98%, and my pulse was back to normal but i had tremors. I didn't go in to the hospital because i had no one for my daughter.

 The next night was the same but less intense. I worked through it.Every night there on I have not have panic attacks about it because I know I will be ok, but I AM CONSTANTLY OUT OF BREATH. The shortness of breath and the awareness of my heart beating is no longer coming in "attacks", it's constant. I can't even go for a long walk. It's a constant feeling of no air.These are the tests I've had done
.HOLTER MONITOR 24 HR - Average heartbeat is 80, low is 48, high is 128. Occasional PACs. No PVCs. No pauses

. LIPID W REFLEX- cholesterol tot. 135,hdl 52, triglycerides 94,LDL 64,CHOL/HDLC ratio 2.6, NON HDL CHOL 83, 

METABOLIC- glucose 91, urea nitrogen 15, creatinine .74, eGFR 112,sodium 141, potassium 4, chloride 105, carbon dioxide 24, calcium 9.9, protein 7.6, albumin 4.9, globulin 2.7, albumin/globulin ratio 1.8, biliruben 0.6, alkaline phosphatase 53,(AST 50 ), ALT 12, magnesium 2.1, TSH 5.10, (their scale goes from .4-4.50)

CBC- white blood cell 8.9,red blood cell 4.24,hemoglobin 13.3,hematocrit 39.7, mcv 93.5, mch 31.5, mchc 33.6,rdw 12.8,platelet count 227

After this i was in the e.r with shortness of breath again and these are the tests they did that came back within range:ECG 12-leadCR chest portable ap only 71010- normal heart and aorta, lung fields clearCBC with auto diffcomp metabolic panelprothrombin timepartial thromboplastin timed dimerestimated glomerular filtration ratepoc troponin 1

Then my doctor did more Thyroid panel to follow up on the high TSH:

TSH w reflex to FT4 -4.05
T4 Thyroxine total-6.0
Free T4 index- 2.1
T3 uptake 35
They told me all this was in range. Does ANYONE have any idea what doctor i should go see next? I need to find a good doctor in the south suburbs of Chicago or within 30 miles of chicago.They prescribed me lexapro, proair inhaler, and singulair. I have not taken any of them because i do not know what is wrong with me and I don't want to complicate things.Please and thank you.

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