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Re: 19 mm thickness

Originally Posted by kittybean View Post
I am encouraged that many other women are dealing with issues similiar to mine. I just had my biopsy of my 19 mm thickness last night and meet with my Dr Monday. I feel like I think you might in that I am not sure how to proceed. I do not want to blindly accept the recommendations as I am not a fan of Drs and hospitals and prefer a more natural approach to health, so I am looking for opinions and more information as I want to make the right choices.
So they mentioned a D and C in my near future and maybe a hyst. I will find out my biopsy results Monday and am hopeful it is nothing. My NP said she didn't hink it was cancer.
I guess my thing is that I want to be bale to have choices in all of this...
Good luck to all of you. Wishing you positive outcomes and peace of mind.
Hi Kittybean,

Did you find out your results? I too like to take the more natural approach as much as possible so I am wondering what you decided to do? My lining about 13 mm (or 1.4cm) in thickness and they want to do a biopsy so that will be done tomorrow. Hope everything came out fine for you!