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Sorry another microdiscetomy

So I am new to this site and have been reading many threads in regards to this procedure. It seems that most weigh in favor of the wait and try conventional methods.
It has been a month since my situation has occurred: MRI report L-4 L-5 moderate disc desiccation, moderate right anterolateral herniated nucleus pulposus with extension of extruded disc material to juncture of middle and upper thirds of L-4 vertebral body. There is mild facet arthropathy with moderate left and right foraminal encroachment.
Wow, even my spell check wants me to correct half of those words
Basically, from what I have been told, that is a rupture between the L-4 and L-5 that has gone up instead of out and is strangling the nerve hence the numbness, weakness and pain in right leg and buttock.
Also commented in report are your typical 54 yr old issues.
So, to date I have had one injection (ESI) which helped with pain to a degree that I can deal with. Still weak and numb. Have had many different opinions, two from chiropractors, one being my son who practices out of state and very hard nosed about conventional methods, and other one that has been actually treating me, both said have it done as I am still very active and work in the construction industry.
The others have been 2 neurosurgeons and family members in the medical field, all in favor of surgery.
At this point I am going this Thursday to have it done but still very leery of surgery as I am starting to feel slightly better as time goes on but, have been told this conversation would come up again, if I do nothing.
My question to all is wait or cut? Any comments or opinions would be much appreciated. Thank you! J

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