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Re: Sorry another microdiscetomy

Proceed with caution.
Another microdiscetomy meaning you have already had one?
I waited 8 months trying numerous ESI, nerve blocks and a months of PT with little to no results before I made the decision to have surgery ( L4-S1 discectomy).
Do you have danger of permanent nerve damage?
I also was and still trying to be active in the construction industry.I not to far behind your age. I struggle with pain and numbness every day still. Seems back issue's are pretty common to the industry
Point I'm getting at about surgery it can go either way, meaning one problem may fade but another will surface. I'm now over 5 months post op and am back to ESI.
If your feeling better and can deal with it - give it a chance.
One month may feel like a lifetime but really it's not that long. I'm told your better off if you can to let things heal on there own. I tried and was told after my procedure it would not have resolved itself without surgery, now like I said I'm dealing with a different issue.
Everybody is different..
What ever you decide to do I wish My Best..
That's my 2 cents