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Re: It's only feeling tired... Not!

So, If your doc says that the only anemia symptoms you should have are being tired and pale, is he or she looking into anything else?!

My symptoms are certainly not as severe as yours--no tingling or vision problems. I don't hear a whooshing sound in my ears, but I do get these weird brain zap things that cut off my hearing with each beat and more aches and pains than usual. That said, I have seen much of what's going on with you listed as symptoms of anemia.

Also, I don't feel as tired as you'd think I would either. I know what you mean about kids exhausting you. I only had 2, but they were 18 months apart, and I remember just living for the time they would both nap at the same time so that I could have a nap, too. I don't feel as exhausted now as I did then.

So, I don't think it's just you....There just aren't that many people on the site right now. If you dig back a little to earlier posts I think you'll find other people with similar issues as yours. And also that this site was a bit more active 6 months ago--lots more replies in general.

Hang in there Kaymarina...sending good thoughts to you across the Atlantic.