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Re: It's only feeling tired... Not!

Thank you for your replies. Well that makes me feel a bit better. I had b12 test it was 500 and also the inflammation test was fine. I am going to supplement vitamin d anyway I don't suppose it will do any harm and I am also adding b12 supplements ... Just in case ! This morning I've got up and ears are STILL ringing I've been taking the iron supplements religiously eating liver and all iron rich foods. This is my 2nd week off work and they are badgering me to give them a return date... I just dont know what to tell them ... As today I have headache muscle pains , have permanent dizziness and visual distortion as well as the ear thing. I wish I could fast forward the time and feel well again. I suppose its a good a thing that there aren't as many people on these boards at the moment.... Less people suffering hopefully ....