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Help Please... I am so worried

So I went to the gastro almost 2 weeks for colon pain, diarreah and constant belching. He said IBS. I recently had tons of blood work, celiac, CT scan of abdomen and pelvis, and stool test. Everything came back normal. I was diagnosed with IBS 13 years ago. Had all tests done including 2 colonoscopies.

GI doc put me on align and bentyl as needed. My diarrhea has stopped but now I developed terrible heartburn and the belching is non stop and I feel like a have a bubble stock in my throat and I need to burp all the time, my chest is burning for 10 days. My voice is also getting raspy and I have terrible post-nasal drip. I called the nurse because I didn't have these symptoms 2 weeks ago when I saw the doc and put me on omeprazole but they want en endoscopy.

I am scheduled to have the endoscopy done this Friday and I am soooooo nervous that they will find something terrible wrong with me

Do my symtoms sound like GERD? I had occasional heartburn but never daily for 10 days in a row... tums don't help.... zantac only helps a bit.... I started omeprazole this morning but I was told it takes a week oe 2 to work.

I need to words of encouragement I am very scared

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