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Re: It's only feeling tired... Not!

Kay, my mother-in-law often jokes that if reincarnation were real, she would want to come back as "the daddy." Y'know -- come in after work, sit on the couch until supper, eat, sit on the couch some more, go to bed, dominate the remote control (and thus the TV), rely on the wife to find things you are looking for, etc.

If part of the problem is your period, I wonder if you might be able to go on birth control pills to regulate it. In my 20's, it really helped me. I was very irregular -- sometimes going 4 weeks between times, sometimes as much as 7 weeks between. I had severe cramps the first full day which sometimes put me in bed. Once I got on birth control, though, I knew down to the day (almost down to the hour) when I would start, and the volume of fluid and severity of cramps were greatly lessened. I could breeze through my period in about 3 days as opposed to 5 or 6.