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Wife demands I confront friend

My wife is very sensitive to any perceived insult and feels a need to be vindicated by me. My friend drove a long distance to attend a charity event I did to raise money for cancer research. At the silent auction, my wife and I bid on many items. My wife says my friend said in a joking manner "you are a pig" because we bid on all items they wanted. My friend is a first class person and I seriously doubt he used those exact words. Even my wife admits it was clear he was joking.

She now DEMANDS that I call him and tell him he was wrong and insulting. I say there is no point other than to make him feel bad as he was only joking. I'm afraid this will ruin a friendship my wife has already damaged in the past. When she met my friend's fiance about 1 year ago, my wife got drunk ad said to her "who are you and why are you in my house?" This caused the fiance to leave the house and now I hardly see me friend. He was my best friend but did not include me in the wedding and I think it was because of my wife's behavior to his fiance. My wife has a history of extreme and emotional outbursts against me and others when she feels slighted for the smallest thing. She threatened to leave me when I did not approve of wallpaper! She has now made me sleep in another room for 4 nights because I have not confronted my friend.

What should I do?

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