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Re: My Stroke

Hello all!
Just an update hoping to help others searching for info just like I was 1 year and 20 days ago.

I have gone through different stages of healing during the past year. From the onset of my stroke the entire right side of my body was numb and tingly. As time progressed the tingling turned into pain. Early on I experienced depression and anxiety. I also had major fatigue which is all normal after a stroke or brain injury. I now know what mood swings are. Hahahaha I say this with a smile because it is the darnedest thing I ever seen! It happens with the drop of a hat. Sometimes I don't even like myself! For the most part, the mood swings are much better.

I had what is called thalamic stroke. The left thalamus area which controls sensory of the right side of the body. I have not lost use of my right side but the pain is getting very intense. Unfortunately, the more I do the heavier and more intense the pain in my leg and arm get. My touch feels like steel wool regardless of the texture. At times it feels like my skin is ripping, burns, and itches. Basically, my brain is not computing the correct sensors causing the pain and hypersensitivity.

I was also a smoker. I am very proud to report I have not smoked a cigarette since the day before my stroke! I was not aware that I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. (no excuse for not knowing). Along with high stress that I now realize and admit which allows me to cope with better. I have handed down the title of super mom and wonder woman. AND I am okay with that because I was running myself ragged!

Both my neurologist and physician keep close watch and monitor me regularly. I have tried a couple drugs for the nerve pain with no luck so far. I started a new med last week so we shall see if it gives me relief.

So that's my story thus far! I continue to count my blessings each day and focus on the positives. ALL of us know how difficult that can be BUT we are thankful.


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