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Re: Thyroid a factor for osteoperosis? I'm also on Strontium

I was border line hypo T since my teens, no doc would treat it until after the damage to my body was already done. Took a massive attack of hypothyroidsm to force them to treat it. Now the Endo is playing with my dose again, for ever I was on the 0.1, then last year moved to .112, then .125, and the .125 was the magic bullet for me. Muscle and joint pain dropped in pain level, hair stopped falling out, nails started improving and fatigue nearly disappeared. I know the difference from body fatigue and muscle fatigue that goes with Fibromyalgia my second cross to Bear, along with Meniere's, Vertigo, Osteo A and P, and not one drug can I take, they kill my GI system or attack my muscles or vision. I refuse to be a guinea pig for big pharma's killer drugs. Lyrica nearly killed me. 50% FAILURE rate and still on the market and spreading to other health issues.