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Re: Thyroid a factor for osteoperosis? I'm also on Strontium

Lord, I'm into my 6th decade, I turn 65 in August. I first started having muscle issues at 10, by 12 I was stiff with it, impact made me less active. And no matter how bad I hurt I had to work. I divorced after 4 years and 3 kids a abusive man. So for the next decade I was mom, dad, and jack of all trades so to speak with a little help from my parents. It was not until I remarried that the Hypothyroid disaster hit a week in the hospital, lots of test then they decide it is the Thyroid. 0.1 was the dose I got stuck on, it helped, but not enough. My advise never let a PCP do your ENDO work ups, it's like asking him to be your dentist, they don't have enough medical knowledge about it to be the most effective. I will have to call my Endo today and tell him this new lower dose is playing havoc with my joints and muscles.

Having other auto immunes does not help, they keep pushing drugs that I react badly to. Nothing that will send you to the hospital is acute distress, but bad enough that with the disease you wish you were dead.

After their drugs destroyed my stomach with acid reflux, I now have to take 80 mg of Nexium a day, and from that have developed Barret's Esopoagus (sp?) disease.

I have better luck with vits and minerals than I ever had with their drugs. Never hear of a vit or min killing any one, but their pills do kill and or give you cancer along with all the other hellish side effects.