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Re: My Journey to come off of PPI's (At 7 months)

UPDATE: 7 months completely off of PPI's...Wish I could edit the title, but nothing works.

As far as my life, I'm interviewing for some jobs. I feel pretty good about it. As far as college, I'm going to be starting my Computer Science degree this Fall at a community college...Hopefully, once I get my associates, I can either get a job and/or finish up at a 4-year; more importantly, I have been teaching myself computer programming. Man, I'm annoyed at how much I sounded like a little girl in the earlier posts.

Anyway, back to Acid Reflux...

I'm doing pretty well. I manage my meals better by eating less, and try to be reasonable by eating the right things. I do have reflux issues, but they're not really too bad. I can usually take a Zantac, and that helps quite a bit. Sometimes I eat a little bit too late, and I definitely feel it when I can't go to sleep because of the reflux, but that is my fault, and I know better. Most of the time, if I have reflux, I know why (i.e. I wanted to splurge on something, and end up paying for it!)

I think there's hope for all you guys out there...Overall, I'm better. Less problems, I'm more functional. I'm not a doctor and my advice shouldn't be taken as such, but I believe people absolutely should not be taking PPI's...They were the cause of the worst pains in my life, and I'm glad I don't have to bother with them anymore. Hopefully, I stumble into a great job, and ace all of my new classes! After all, that's what's really important to me.

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