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ct results, not sure what to think. need advice

Hi, I am 34 and have stomach issues for many years. I have had 3 colonoscopys and 2 endoscopys. my most recent one was less than a yr ago. It showed mild diffuse gastritis and a hiatal hernia. My stomach issues range. Usually have several bms a day and feel nauseated alot. I get lots of bloating and stomach rumbling. I tested negative for celiac but gonna go gluten free to see if it helps. My question is, I had a ct scan of my abdomen and it shows prominent fluid filled small bowel loop seen in the left lower to mid abdomen with normal appearance of the remaining bowel smd no evidence of obstruction. potential etiologies include gastroenteritis. I am confused because I wasnt having vomiting at the time....I was in the e.r 3 weeks prior with a stomach bug (i think)....I have been told all my biopsys are normal , no chrons or anything but she wants to treat the inflamation with a chrons med????? I have been diagnosed with ibs only thus far. I am so confused. I dont ever have blood in my stool or anything. is this chrons , should I see another doctor. any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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