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Re: ct results, not sure what to think.need advice

Originally Posted by ladybud View Post
Even though you tested negative for celiac, many people have gluten allergy or intolerance without celiac disease that improves greatly on a gluten free diet. I am one of those myself. I could tell within a week of going gluten free that it was helping, and for sure within a month. Not everyone responds that fast but I think it would make sense to try. Where is your Dr, thinking the inflammation is, in the fluid filled loop? If you can hold off on the meds until you try the diet, that may be a reasonable approach. I guess it all depends on how sick you feel. If you do the diet change and the meds both at same time, it will be confusing as to which is helping if you respond well.
Thank you! I was thinking the same thing! try the diet first. I got everything at the store to start it after this weekend. gonna be difficult at first. I am not really sure what gastroenteritis means.....She said inflammation. So I guess she thinks in the fluid filled loop, whatever that means! So confusing reading those reports! It also states that I have an appendicoloth and she said I will most likley get appendicitis because inflammation was also seen on the tip. ugh! I am so scared I might have ibd instead of ibs. I appreciate your response so much!