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Re: I'm so DESPERATE! Possibly have Aspergers?

Originally Posted by attheendofmyrop View Post
I too am looking for resources for my adult son I understand what you are going thru as I am going thru the same.... if anyone has anything to say please be helpful and not rude as I have seen in previous posts, thanks. I feel like my son is not capable of taking care of himself but wants to live on his own or in his case with someone else.
I understand exactly what you are going through.
It has been almost 10 months since this man showed up on my doorstep. I was fortunate to call the Autism Society 1st and talked to a very understanding woman who had 2 autistic children. She recommended that I start with the State's Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. Vocational Rehab put him through a battery of tests to determine his competency, skills, mental status, etc... They determined that he had too many issues and was unemployable. They also sent him to several specialists (at their expense) to determine his disability. Next, we went to a County Clinic and he is now receiving medical/psychiatric care. Now we are applying for Social Security Income (SSI) with the help of an agency that helps people apply for disability. My friend has been turned down unfortunately, but his case is now being appealed. being turned down the first time I'm told, is standard operating procedure.
Today has been a bad day (I'm very sick) but as I think of more options that I've utilized to get this man help, I'll post again.
Good luck and God bless. I hope this helps you.