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Re: Elevated liver enzymes, pain under right rib cage, coarse texture on ultrasound

Originally Posted by gjet68 View Post
Hello, your post caught my eye as I can def relate to what you are going through! I got Penumonia about 10 years ago and ended up in the ER during their routine battery of blood work my Liver Enzymes came back elevated. They referred me to my GP and on the day of my appt they reran the blood work and it came back 7 times the norm, needless to say they were running crazy and freaking out. So they referred me to a Gastroenterologist who then referred me to a Hepatologist and I had a Liver Biopsy done.

It came back Fairly Normal with Minimal Inflammation. My Hep ran all sorts of tests on me, regular Hepatitis screens always come back normal, as did Ultrasounds and other blood work. My ALT/ALP were elevated too. I am also anemic. My hep doc decided to just keep a watch on it and run blood work on the basis of every 3 months. He stated in his opinion we could rule out fatty liver disease and that he felt it might be Autoimmune Hepatitis but not bad enough to warrant treatment. He said unfortunately it was just going to have to be something we would have to watch over time.

So, the past ten years for me have been spent repeating abdominal ultrasounds and LFT`s with the lab. In March of 2012 I had the most severe pain in my gallbladder/liver region that I have had to date. I presented the the ER at which time they did a cat scan and blood work. The ER doc had pulled my records from 10 years prior and stated that My Enzymes were elevated but not bad like they had been before. They seem to roller coaster for some reason. The CT scan revealed that my Gallbladder wall was thickened but there was no evidence of any stones. They attributed the pain to Billary Colic and gave me a couple shots of meds for that. They advised me to have my GP refer me to a surgeon.

At that time I had no insurance and we recently moved to a bigger city. So the pain has been getting worse along with a feeling that something is wrong. So once we were settled here I made an appt with an Internist to establish care and get his opinion as I could not get in to see my Hepatologist until January, given the fact that I had not been there since 2007 they treated me as a new patient. This doc ran a good blood work up and ordered a sonogram of the abodmen/liver/gallbladder the results indicated Gallbladder Polyps.

The internist referred me to a surgeon and a Gastroenterologist. I saw the surgeon a couple weeks ago and he stated that Gallbladder Polyps should not be causing me any pain, period. He stated that he felt those Polyps may be actual small gallstones stuck to the gallbladder wall. He has me scheduled for a HIDA scan tomorrow morning. He said that if that indicated my GB was functioning normally the next step would be to have the Gastro doc scope me and see if he could locate the source of my pain. He further indicated that he felt the elevated LFT`s played no bearing on this current situation.

These are my symptoms:

General Weakness/Tiredness/Achy Flu Like Feeling (Some days worse than others)
Anemia (Ongoing take Iron Supplements)
Pain in the Upper Right/Mid and even lower Abdomen at times.
Loose Stools (Frequent)
Sweating/Clammy feelings
The pain in my abdomen is a steady burning pain and its sore to the touch, sometimes its so bad it keeps me awake at night. It hurts when I lie down worse too. Holding a heat pad against it seems to help some.
Sometimes I have pain between my shoulder blades that I describe as feeling "tight" as though someone was stretching a hide over something and pulling it taught.
Occasional itching
Occasional Joint Pain
Weakness in my wrists and hands occasionally

Medical History:
Migraines (take meds for those)
Hypertension (Been on meds for those since I was 15)
Trigeminal Neuralgia (unmedicated because the docs felt that meds would do my liver more harm, I only get pain meds when it becomes too bad to bear)
Heart Valve Leakage/Murmur

Now, with the thought of having possible AIH and it running in families I have to say that my mother had Pernicious Anemia and Thyroid Disease she is also Diabetic. My sister has Fibromyalgia and Thyroid Disorder. I know that these can all be indicative of Autoimmune Disorders.

I was hoping maybe we could compare symptoms? Any thoughts from anyone else? I am wondering if the Pain I am having could be coming from my liver? The Surgeon was asking me about the liver and seemed concerned a bit tho he stated he felt my GB would need to come out within the next month he did state he was not 100 percent certain even that would alleviate the pain.
I'm having very similar issues to some of the posters on here ... one that intrigues me is the heart murmur/valve issues. Have any of you with this in common ever figure out what's going on? Here's a brief history of my issues ...

Just had my second child on 5/7. Had heart palpitations/extra heart beats during pregnancy pretty bad. I've had issues with my mitral valve since I was a child.

3.5 weeks after delivery I started having horrible abdominal pain and ended up in ER, diagnosed with gallstones. I had my gallbladder removed after another painful attack a week later. I was great for 2-3 weeks ... then started having painful attacks again. They're to the point now that they feel very similar, so I wonder if it was never my gallbladder.

I've been in the ER 4-5 times in June and July. My labs are almost always normal, however, now the attacks are getting to be the worst yet and my liver enzymes are elevated quite a bit (ALKALINE PHOSPHATASE, ALT, and AST). Basically an attack goes like this:

30-90 minutes after eating (or drinking any alcohol)
- HORRIBLE upper central abdominal pain
- Nausea
- sometimes followed by vomiting or diarrhea
- Bloating
- Sometimes chest pain
- Sometimes shortest of breath or passing out (I think this is due to when the pain in very severe)
- Pain can become so severe that I can not get comfortable and am in worse pain than labor, literally

I've had the following and all are normal:
- HIDA scan
- Ultrasound to check for missed stones
- Endoscope
- Labs for bilirubin

Only thing abnormal (other than the pain/attacks)
- Liver enzymes elevated

I FINALLY got approval for a CT scan of entire abdomen/pelvis if I end up in the ER again and am symptomatic

I'm supposed to go back to work from maternity leave next Thursday and I'm very nervous. When I have one of these attacks I'm dragging someone over to my house (usually in the middle of the night) to watch my toddler, while my hubby and 2 month old take me to the ER. Then I'm out 1-2 days. I'm so sick of pumping and dumping since Iím breast feeding, and putting people "out" who have to help me and my kiddos. My poor hubby has taken so much time off work and it's getting old. Not to mention I miss eating and drinking anything other than water. But Iím sure all of you on here you can relate.

Any ideas? Particularly people with the heart valve connection ....

THANKS a million