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Angry Hairloss at 17... Help

I have divided the post into three different sections for easy reading... please read through.


Hairloss… well duh
My pillow has some, but is not covered with loads of fallen hair;
Brushing a hand through my hair usually leaves a strand or two, going up to 3-4 on a bad day;
My scalp gets oily about three days after washing, and dandruff is a constant annoyance - NOTE, I don't have lots of dandruff, just enough to itch and make my hair fall; Singular strands are thinner than others;
There is no hairloss on any other part of my body;
The pattern is similar to [(Google Images: 'male pattern baldness explained'), first pic, the guy pointing at his head]
although my hair is longer and thicker, the pattern is almost (if not entirely) identical.


I noticed about a year ago... The first thing I saw was my hair being thinner at what would be the very top of the parietal bridge. Then I noticed that brushing a hand through it would leave fallen strands on my palm more often than not - sometimes going up to 5 strands per pass.
As my hair used to be pretty thick, and I have plenty of body and facial hair I dismissed the idea of balding, thinking my hair was simply in its telogen phase - believing I had avoided the bald genes.
Unfortunately though, it seems I was wrong
As time passed by, the hairloss had lost intensity, and while my hair was thinner than before, I believed the process had stopped.... It hadn't.
It reoccurred this winter, when dandruff invaded my scalp (which I don't think I had before). Maybe it was the dry air, unstable temperature, genes, nutrition... I don't know, but along the annoying itching came the ever-frightening hairloss.
Having changed multiple shampoos with no results, I eventually came across an expensive 'Head&Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Hairfall Defense' bottle with a neatly printed due to breakage (in what appears to be the world's smallest font) on the side.
While the hairs simply fall off rather than break, my scalp (though itchy) stopped dropping off as many strands as before.
And then, after a month or so... BOOYAH!!! Hairloss again!
So here I am now, using the same ‘Hairfall Defense’ shampoo, staggering with hairfall along the way.


I am looking for a way to slow down, if not entirely stop the process. As I am only 17, and my body's still developing, I wouldn't like to use any hairloss prevention drugs with nasty side effects.
I'm looking for a natural way to at least slow it down (because being bald at 25 isn't the same as having no hair in your teens).
Also... how do I stop the dandruff?
I would use cosmetics if they were available where I live, but given the scarcity and prize of most products, I'd rather stick to natural remedies.
So... nutrition, lifestyle, special hygiene... I'd accept it.

Please reply, and thank you in advance.

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