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Re: Hairloss at 17... Help

you might get your thyroid and ferritin (stored iron) levels done to see if you are anemic or have thyroid issues.
I've always been borderline anemic, but I doubt it's that - as it's been a constant condition.
If this is male pattern baldness, you probably won't be able to stop it.
I am just trying to slow it down, at least til I'm out of college, I know you can't fight genes. Still though, the balding pattern seems to be different than that of my father and grandfather - As they'd started losing hair from the very top of the head, while my pattern starts from the flanks. I am also way too young for it (unless baldness happens earlier with each generation). Also, doesn't the thickness of my <insert manly, Viking adjective here> facial and body hair mean I have good hair?
Rogaine for men topical solution may help keep what you have but it only works as long as you are using it
I sure hope they have that where I live. And what do you mean while Im using it why would I stop?
Speaking of I havent used any shampoo this week. Ive been washing my hair with water every two days and the dandruff and itching are gone. Oily, yes. But I believe I have stopped the hairfall to a solid extent
Now I am skeptical about using shampoo at all which I know I have to.
he uses Alpecin shampoo for thinning hair! It helped alot!
Thanks for replying. I hope your son is ok. Is it something like a baldness-prevention remedy, or just a shampoo Im asking so I know whether to go to a store or a pharmacy.