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I need your imput, please.

I am new to this board. I would like to ask people who have already gone down this road for your input...wisdom, whatever... I was being tested for calcium levels because I have a history of breast cancer. Calcium was high but it had nothing to do with the breast and vitamin D was LOW, so doc sent me to Endocrinologist. She checked my parathyroid and they also did an US of my thyroid. I realize the thyroid would have nothing to do with the vitamin D or calcium but now she wants to do a biopsy of my thyroid. This is what my US of the thyroid says:

Right Lobe measures 4.9 x1.9 x1.3. Left lobe 4.9x 1.4 x 1.0 cm

There are multiple nodules of the thyroid gland. Right lobe demonstrates a hypoechoeic nodule within the lower pole measuring 1.6x 1.4x 0.7 cm. This contains internal microcalcifications and also internal vascularity.This is amendable to ultrasound-guided thyroid biopsy. There is a simular appearing smaller nodule within the medial aspect measuring 0.9x0.7x0.4cm. Third nodule also hypechoeic demonstrating internal vascularity 0.6x0.6x0.3 cm.

The Left lobe (I'll Abbreviate this) One hypoechoeic 0.4x0.3x0.2 cm demonstrating internal vascularity. another hypoechoeic 04.x0.3x0.2 also demonstrating internal vascularity....another 0.4x0.3x0.2 demonstrating a small amount of vascularity. There is a hypoechoic nodule in the lower pole measuring which also demonstrates internal vascularity.

Thyroid isthmus hypoechoeic nodule measures 0.4x0.4x0.2 cm which demonstrated internal vascularity.

From what I am reading there appears to be unfavorable characteristics of the nodules (microcalcifications, hypoechoeic, internal vascularity) Can I get your input...does this look like cancer?

I appreciate all of your help and input.



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