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Re: Elevated liver enzymes, pain under right rib cage, coarse texture on ultrasound

I to have elevated liver enzymes,heart murmurs,pain under my left rib not right.This past year I added sensativity to light,cold feet&hands,fatgue,fibromyalgia pains and muscle tension.After 20000$ in tests and similar answers from doctors that many of you get (no answers) I changed my diet.Overall I do know food intolerances(not allergy) cause all these items including elevated enzymes.I cut out gluten,caffeine and cut down on eggs and my ibs calmed down and my alt is 51 so 10 points too high but all the others that were high dropped into normal range.Alrhough my albumine is 49 at the limit,its still normal compared to before.Hopefully I'm on the right track,hopefully someone here may be helped by my case