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Originally posted by villagegal68455:
now how exactly did a doctor do that....
A doctor did it by pulling and twisting on the baby's head during delivery with forceps or suction devices causing the first cervical vertebra to be in a position where it could later occlude the vertebral artery depriving the brain stem of its critcal blood supply and causing respiratory failure.

I am sorry for your loss. My family also suffered a SIDS tragedy.

Physician-researchers at the Harvard Medical School have published a study showing that doctors errors are the second leading cause of death in the United State.

Over 130 studies published in peer reviewed journals during the last ten years show vertebral artery occlusion and respiratory failure in SIDS babies.

It took thirty years of broken baby skulls to stop the use of forceps. How many more victims before doctors stop using that horrible vacuum device to pull babies out of the womb?