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Re: Posterior Cervical Foraminotmy C6/7 left side

Originally Posted by WebDozer View Post
I had the same op - but at C4-5 - and don't remember any such symptoms. I would not be alarmed by them, though, so soon after the operation.

Btw, can you say exactly what the foraminotomy was for? What was it that was obstructing the foramen? Something coming from in front (disk, disk/osteophyte complex, uncovertebral joint hypertrophy) or just something coming from behind (off the facet joint)?
The foraminotomy was performed to remove osteophytes obstructing the foramen. In plain English the operation was to remove bone spurs to remove pressure on the nerve in the C5/6 area.

Does this help?

Thanks so much for your reply and insight.