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Unhappy I'm addicted to the internet and it's hurting me?

Ever since my new computer I got last Christmas.... I just cannot stop getting on the internet.It's like a habit... I can be on it for a whole day either downloading video games,music or just reading in forums or chatting or whatver.I just want to stop evolving around it.It's gotten so bad that I don't even do my homework because when I get home from school I click that computer right on.I tried to move the computer out my room until the weekends but I start chickening out.On top of that... when I try not to get on the internet... I find life really boring and I get really depressed and lonely especially when I'm cooed up in the house on the weekends.I tried reading books but that doesn't help and I tried watching tv but there is nothing on in the weekends.Constantly lieing to my parents about not having homework so I can just get on there.What can I do and how can I stop getting on here so much?? I can't help it the internet is so much fun though.

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