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Re: Mastoiditis or Cholesteatoma

Can having effusion for two months in your ear cause you to have permanent conductive hearing loss? Why did you need the prothesis replaced after just one ear infection? How does it get damaged? Does it damage like real ear bones do? Everybody that I've talked to says that fluid doesn't do damage unless it's in there for a long time. Is that true? I know that glue ear is worse as it is thick like pus that hardens and damages the bones that way. I didn't have that. I'm wondering why I'm not hearing normal. Everytime I cry or yell my eardrum vibrates and I hear fluid like noises. I had my ear drained of fluid three weeks ago and yesterday the ent said that the incision where it was drained is still open. I find it hard to believe that a tiny hole like that would cause that much hearing loss and all of these symptoms. If I hear fluid noises could my ear be filled up with fluid again and it not be draining out the incision hole in my eardrum? The ent said when he first drained my ear that it was half full of fluid and that was why it wasn't visible when he looked inside my ear because depending on what position I was in the fluid level was below my eardrum. I know that fluid re-accumulates often after a myringotomy. I'm just wanting to know why I'm not hearing like I should and I think that the doctor may have missed something.