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Re: Mastoiditis or Cholesteatoma

I posted a reply to your questions in my thread about my stapedectomy experiences, I hope its helpful.

After reading a little bit more about the problems you are having, and now that I realize that you are not suffering from otosclerosis, I wanted to add a couple thoughts...

First, you definitely do seem to be in panic mode. I understand that. I have been there too, and I have come all the way through to the other side. Try to keep calm, be patient and keep things in perspective. Conductive hearing loss can be correctable with surgery, so remember that. Many stories of sensorinearual loss have been posted here, and that condition is irreversible.

Second, you should get a second opinion if you are not happy with your current doctor. Yes, you should definitely see an ear specialist, not a general ENT. You have ALOT of questions and you aren't going to find answers to many of them on this board. Self diagnosis wont help either. Find a good doctor in who you can be confident.

Good luck to you!