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Question weird jumpy vision??

Can anyone please help me with this?

In 2006 I got dizzy and was left with feeling off balance. It eventually went away, but I was left with vision issues which has since gotten worse.

I started getting static in my vision and afterimages, which I learned was visual snow. I also was diagnosed with basilar migraines.

I started getting off balance late last year and was sent for vestibular rehab as they said I had bilateral disfunction. After doing the treatment for several months I got better however my vision got worse.

When I walk I notice in my peripheral vision that things are jerking and shaking. Worse of all is when I am driving or sitting at a light and watching cars pass they either look like they are going 100 mph and my eyes can't keep up, or it looks like they are jerking, or shaking, struggling to move in fluid motion. I am so scared about this getting worse and I don't know what to do. None of the Dr's know what to do either. I do not have a nystagmus as I have recorded my vision and do not see one... I do have one if I look to the far left or far right, however.

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