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Need HELP, my right arm is in severe pain...MRI results enclosed..

My history is significant for spinal arthritis. Long story short, this last "bout" I've been treating since 2010. C5/6 is causing me big problems and my arm is to the point now, that I am barely able to use it. The pain traveled down my arm after I had facet injections in late October/early November.

My Dr. STILL has not called me with the results (MRI was last Monday December 30th) I had to call Medical Records to get them myself. I have an appt. with him on the 10th but I don't think I can wait that long as the pain meds he prescribed for my neck DO NOT even touch the pain in my arm. The one question I have really is it possible that even though it all says "left side" on the report then why is all my arm pain on my right side?

There is re-demonstration of interior fusion hardware at C6/7. The other cervical bodies are of normal height and marrow signal. There is mild narrowing of the C5/6 disc space and redemonstration of ventral extradural disc impression at this level. The upper cervical interspaces are well maintained. The cranio cervical junction are normal in appearance. There is no abnormal post contrast enhancement in the cervical spine or in the central canal.
The axial images demonstrate a midline posterior disc protrusion at C5/6 similiar to the prior exam, narrowin gthe AP thecal diameter from 11 mm at the normal C4/5 disc level to 8mm at the C5/6 disc level. It produces mild impression on the ventral cord here. The disc protrusion or partial herniation is now slightly asymmetric to the left where it is in proximity to the budding c6 nerve root uncovertebral and facet hypertrophic changes here are moderate, greater on the left, where there is mild/moderate foraminal stenosis. There is no abnormal intramedullary signal.

Findings are very similar to the study dates 10/25/11 with a partial midline posterior disc herniation at C5/6 producing mild central stenosis, and moderate left foraminal stenosis. Anterior C6/7 fusion.

What does all this mean and if my arm is hurting this badly, I would think SOMETHING needs to be done ASAP. I went into the ER on Saturday since I thought my MRI must be ok and had them Xray my arm NOTHING wrong with my arm they said, it's my neck. I can hardly wipe....Ugggggh!

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