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Re: weird jumpy vision??

Hi, going east!

Thanks for the reply!

I am seeing a vision therapist now. She thinks I could do for getting some special lenses out into my glasses before starting the therapy process. She also suspects the vestibular rehab I was doing worsened my vision, since I didn't have the vision issues until I had just completed the vestibular therapy.

All of this is so strange. I can't find anyone who has my exact symptoms lol... Makes me wonder what exactly is going on in his head of mine haha.

My next step is to go to a local university to get vision testing, balance testing and whatever else I may need again just to see if something has changed. I wish some would would just say "here is a magic pill that restore your balance and your vision immediately"...

I will update on this thread at any cost if something changes.

Thanks again for your reply.