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Re: Opinions on Cervical neck stenosis

Originally Posted by teteri66 View Post
Are you seeing a spine specialist for treatment? If so, what advice have you been given?

From your description of your issues, it would seem that you could stick with conservative treatments, at least for the near future. But you need to rely on the expertise of the spine surgeon specialist who has the advantage of seeing whether their is cord compression and has examined you physically and performed a basic neurological test. These things are as important as the information gathered from imaging.
Thank you for taking the time to respond.

For now they have me on anti inflammatory & muscle relaxers

I'm also in PT but so far the exercises are hurting me more than helping me.

If I'm still in pain, they suggest I try cortisone shot.

I'm 48 years old. I am very very scared of surgery. From what i've heard you shouldn't have surgery for the pain unless you have nerve damage . So far I don't any nerve damage . I dont have confidence in PT. I hope the cortisone shot will work, if not, I have a big decision to make as far as surgery. If the pain stays about the same, I'm not sure what to do . It's a nuisance but it comes and goes. Only when sitting or driving a car. I was hoping maybe others had similar symptoms and wonder how they treated them.

The doctor says It may come down to pain. Can I live with it or not. Who likes pain? having surgery to relive pain is no guarantee.

btw the pain i'm referring to is a have like an electrical shock that runs down my right arm. it's very intense but if I shift my neck, it goes away.

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