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thanx serena, for the reply i hear you,sometimes the buring can be so...... even i have no words to expain the feeling. my mum tells me to hang in there,but there are times when i really get ****** wiyh GOD and my parents, im adopted so there wasnt anything about my (P) my husband has been my strengh has been with me from the time it started, infact we got married when they had just started.You know i just wish they ifnd a cure soon or i find medicine that works for me.I,ve had it for 6yrs not us long as you,but sometimes i think my mind is going exlode when it flares up with vengence,like now im in the office and im icthing like hell.infact my workmates say when i shiver instead of sarching it looks like im coming (orgasim)hehehe. it was nioce replying ur note take care.