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Re: Opinions on Cervical neck stenosis

I'm now 6 weeks post op from my minimally invasive foraminotomy at C5 and C6. I'm happy with my results and it was successful. I had some soreness of the nerves near the surgical site, which was worst for the first 10 days - in fact I had some trouble sleeping - but then that declined steadily. I used ice packs on it occasionally until the past few days.

I went to therapy for a month to get my arm strength back, and that improved rapidly. I continue to do exercises and am almost back at full strength. The C6 nerve was numb for awhile - my thumb felt half-numb - but much of the sensation has returned, with the thumb recovering over the past week. The surgeon said that some arm numbness and weakness is a relatively common side effect after cervical surgery due to swelling and nerve irritation, and usually resolves in about two months, although some take longer.

I now have full range of motion when I turn my head to the left -- I used to feel the "junk" blocking it when I turned my head - and that awful scapula pain I had for the past 4 years is gone.

So, I'm glad I have this behind me -finally - and don't have to limit my life and activities due to my neck anymore.