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Re: All other liver tests normal - but bilirubin is high?! Confused!

Originally Posted by quincy View Post
Yes, I hear from people I know as well as what I've read that Meniere's is horrible to live with. I have BPPV (since 11 years old in 1966), and in 1999 I had it in both ears for almost 3 years 24/7. It was a tough time. I don't have lots of attacks now, but when I'm "off", it sure affects my functioning.

Just as an aside, I heard from a friend that stinging nettle tea helped him with some of his symptoms. I think only 1 or 2 cups a day max...but I'd have to check what's recommended of that type of tea.

There are some possibilities for the high bilirubin and not the others...if you have a copy of your results (which you should for all blood and other tests for research), make a list of questions to ask the doc.

I'd advise for now to not do "exploratory" such as ERCP or liver biopsy without reason. Before all of those, I'd suggest an MRCP which is an abdominal (liver/gallbladder/pancreas) with contrast MRI.

Hang tough...I can relate to your fears, and it isn't an easy thing with no answers.

When do you see your doctor next?


Yeah, I am looking into one of those nettle tea things, I hear they help.

I see my GP tomorrow. having an Ultrasound this friday on my abdomen (yes another one lol) and seeing an internal medicine guy Sunday. I'm trying really hard not to google and automatically convince myself that my liver is failing at 29 and that I am dying. I also suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, so it's a really bad combo :/

So far, two different GPs do not think it's outright liver failure, so that is a bit comforting, but I am bad at listening to doctors, and have trust issues.

It's really ****** waiting for all of this. I just want an answer at this point, no matter how dismal that answer is. I'm regretting every sip of alcohol and every prescription med I have put into my body.

I do believe that I'll get answers by next week. I just hope the results aren't too bad

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