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Re: All other liver tests normal - but bilirubin is high?! Confused!

Originally Posted by quincy View Post
Hi...yeah, the liver disease possibility is always scary. I have Ulcerative colitis and it was suspect that I had Primary sclerosing Cholangitis. It's more than likely I have primary biliary cirrhosis since the autoimmune level for that is positive. But, the MRCP shows some physical showings of PSC. Once I was put on URSOdiol, my levels dropped to normal (except the AMA which is still positive). Do I have one, the other or both? don't know for sure.

I refused any invasive testing unless I turned yellow (this was in 1998, many years before the MRCP came available). So far, I've had 2 MRCPs done and the second one showed no that's good.

As for your readings, you need to make sure you've had all the pertinent blood testing done. As well, I would think that an MRI would be the best bet for you. That does an all around visual of the area...
It could be that you have stones or even sludge in your liver that are causing the high bilirubin.

Since you are going to be seeing an internist, hopefully more thorough tests will help narrow down what's going on. An ultrasound will do a more thorough study of the gallbladder, liver and surrounding area to check if there's any changes since the last one.

Having GAD is tough, and I know that worrying can make your mind go endlessly to the worst possible scenario. You have a lot to deal with. Been there, truly.
The best thing for me is to seek information and create a list of what tests are being done, why and if they're needed. Make a list of questions and be very proactive in getting the answers.

The worry or not worrying or hoping for the best doesn't change the actual outcome of what's going on. The fact that only the bilirubin is high doesn't seem like liver failure to me.
As well, liver disease doesn't mean a death sentence.

unless you were a total binge drinker or consistent addict, try not to punish yourself too harshly. The liver is actually a hardy organ. It is possible you were fighting an infection or viral infection that you got over.
Did your doctor do only one series of blood and not another of the same tests?

Are you yellow? is your urine consistently dark? and are you having problems with your stool movements or gastro problems?

Hang tough....I know there are possibilities that aren't good, but you don't have enough answers as to the why high bilirubin and no other LFTs.

Let me know how your appointment goes with the GP.
As well, make sure you get a copy of the actual results of the ultrasounds by the expert who reads them from your doctor.

Hey hey,
I have had dark urine several times this week. Haven't at all yesterday though. I'm currently on a 'cleanse' - plenty of lemon water, nothing but veggies and fruit, no meat or anything and NO alcohol or meds. I started feeling 'foggy' a couple weeks ago and it scared me so I completely modified my diet in accordance. The only other weird thing on my blood test was that my iron was triple what it should be.

I won't lie, in the past I have drank my fair share and partied a ton, but I always tried to dial it back. I had a four month period of really heavy drinking though, so we'll see where I stand. I don't think I'll be touching alcohol again after this scare, though.

I will request an MRI for sure. Should I ask for a liver biopsy?