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Re: All other liver tests normal - but bilirubin is high?! Confused!

OK, so you do have other issues happening such as gastro...celiac (that's a big one). You have high iron...another big issue, Hives??!! (see it's important to add those too).

Autoimmune liver disease, yes it's possible as Ladybud suggested....different game. Some of your blood testing should be geared toward that, however.

Please don't go on a specific diet of only veggies and fruit. For one, they can be high in vitamin C and iron...(both of which aren't good if you have high iron stores).
As well, if it includes spinach, that's high in oxalates which can cause kidney stones.

Yes, Meniere's is in the high belief that it's autoimmune, but the triggers and other possibilities of you having some dizziness from high iron should be taken into consideration. As well, one can have Meniere's and another vestibular issue, so if you have seen an ENT, maybe get in with a specialist who might be able to make sure it is Meniere's. It's not uncommon for misdiagnosis to happen or assumptions that it is only one thing and ignore other possibilities/causes of some of your dizziness.

Have you been tested for allergies? Have you seen an allergist?

Your body's in an overload situation, and with autoimmune, it can become a slippery slope for a while.

I wouldn't suggest a liver biopsy at this point because it's invasive. The internist should first set up other testing before it's a necessity.

Please keep us updated on the process if you're up for it.

It's all a matter of perspective!
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