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Re: 4 level lumbar fusion & reconstr-Failure

On the chronic pain a very big yes from me. It is very hard to control I am about to start my 3rd med for pain next week. It is very hard to control & to try & find what works & what does not work. It does take time. Talk with your PM they should work with you to try & find a combination a things that can work to alleviate most of the pain.
As with the hardware I have plenty right now just from 2 surgeries 3 days apart. With hardware failures included now.

I have had some leakage pre/post-op as well. Not much but I have had some. I have also done some research that it it a lot more common when you have problems more in your lumbar area compared to the cervical area. But it does happen.

I am glad that you got approved for your SSDI fairly quickly. I have my hearing finally after 2 years coming up in August. I hope to have more ammo for my lawyer because on Thursday I go to see my Neuro-surgeon about my broken screws & also about the vertebrae slipping over my plates installed last year.

Hope this helps you out some. Also how did you get your SSDI so fast? If you don't mind me asking. It has been a long road for me. My wife & I have cut down almost everything possible to the point of we are at the point of losing the house as well if the SS hearing doesn't happen favorably for me.

Also you can read more of my story here:

It has several post & questions I have asked. Also the Pain Management/Chronic Pain page is good to ask some questions about too.

Best of luck
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