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Re: Down Syndrome and H.E. (Hashimoto's Encephalopathy)

Hi. Thank you for explaining this to me. It is very valuable information and so important to us. Can't thank you enough! My daughter never had any neurological testing done at all except for a cat scan in the ER when this initially occurred last September. The ER said she was fine medically and released her and since she is developmentally disabled, the state of NJ sent an APN to us for psychiatric evaluation. We were then giving her different meds and told that she needed to be on them for a while to see any results. I can't explain all of the cognitive decreases since then because it is all negative and she never was diagnosed with anything. They think maybe she's depressed or maybe she's schizophrenic or maybe bipolar or maybe epileptic but none of the medications helped. Everything made her worse off.
I will try to get these tests done. I hope to get in touch with someone in neuroscience at the hospital near here that will schedule these tests ( easier said than done).
I hope your daughter was able to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. I will let you know what happens.

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