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Child with Down Syndrome experiencing difficulties

I am the adopted father of a 28 year old adult daughter with Down Syndrome. Her name is Corinne.

About three years ago, my wife and I had to move away from our home in Orange County. At that time, had you asked me about Corinne, I would have told you she was about the happiest little thing I had ever met, without a care in the world.

Almost as soon as we arrived in our new location she started to manifest behavioral abnormalities. At first it was surliness. She wouldn't acknowledge us when we spoke to her. Then she started to lose some cognitive abilities. She would shower and forget how to soap herself. She would dump an entire bottle of shampoo on her head and let the suds burn her eyes. She would go to the bathroom and wrap almost an entire roll of toilet paper on her hand before wiping. Any time we corrected her, she would either go crazy or start to babble about something completely incoherent. At times its as if she doesn't understand a thing we are saying...unless we ask if she wants to eat, then like a laser beam she is honed in and answers.

It is completely frustrating for both us and for her, because at times I think she doesn't know or understand what is happening to her.

Too, our family is split...I continue to believe that there is something chemical afoot, and that perhaps some anti-psychotic drugs are in order, like risperdal. My wife and stepson believe that this is her experiencing a reaction to her coming away from her very tight routine, that she is either in some sort of deep funk/depression or has regressed and internalized because of the move away from her routine.

We have moved back to the place where we were previously, and are in the process of plugging her back in to what she previously understood. And we have also contacted some of the best medical people in our area to get a clinical and professional diagnosis. So, help is on the way, but it is a couple of months before everything is solidified.

In the meantime, I am wondering if anyone out there has any input on this...or if you've experienced a similar situation, and what the resolve was for you, if any.

Thanks so much,


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