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Re: Down Syndrome and H.E. (Hashimoto's Encephalopathy)

I have read a little about GABA and Trisomy 21, and about the testing of a new drug that is in trial and accepting applicants for the study. I also have noticed how a lot of tranquilizer meds increase GABA and I have tried to see which we're GABA Antagonists. And which were agonist but it is very difficult to understand and especially when my daughter has been prescribe Ativan and Benzo medications as well as anti depressants and antipsychotics. All of these meds didn't help her. I am really going crazy trying to get the auto immune encephalopathy tests done in an urgent way which is so unbelievable. I have blood work scheduled for Friday and still don't have a precert for the Brain MRI so no appt. and my follow to actually get back to the neurologist to read these tests isn't until August 28th so in the meantime everyday my daughter is continuously worsening. I just tried calling Kennedy Krieger but I only got the voicemail and I left a voice message and email hoping that someone will get back to me from there, it's so very disheartening. I can't believe how broken the US Health care system is.

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