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Re: Microdisectomy L5/S1 Post Surgery

Originally Posted by teteri66 View Post
Welcome to the board. Sorry no one responded to you sooner.

Surgery at the L5/S1 level can be a bit tricky when it comes to rehab...particularly in the case of a fusion, but I would imagine that a discectomy could cause some of the same issues....

Often the attachment where the hamstring attaches up near the edge of the buttocks can become sore and it makes the hamstring muscle and associated soft tissue tight.

This tightness is very normal post surgery. I would encourage you to be patient...keep walking for exercise and then very gradually add a tiny bit of jogging. Give your body plenty of time to get used to the new activity before trying to add more time running...increase VERY gradually.

Have you had any physio therapy since surgery? If not, that might be a good way to ease back in to your more normal routine....
Thanks for your reply, yer my leg/calf only seems to hurt while im sitting down and then when I bend my leg out straight, it will hurt in my calf region.

I do a lot of walking now. I could probably even jog/run but I don't want to as of yet.

I have been doing physio but hasn't been the best physio treatment as its done through the hospital.