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Re: Agony Lower Back Pain

If you have a herniated disc and you have been dealing with it for 15 yrs. I think it's time to get a good idea of what is wrong and then surgically fix it. I herniated L5/S1 28 yrs. ago and know what that pain is like. We tried everything from injections to therapy and it worked for a short time. Finally had a Laminectomy done and they found a piece of the disc imbedded in the nerve. This did not show up on an MRI. The relief was immediate and I made it 22 yrs. before I developed more low back problems. Fast forward to 2010 I had L1-L5 discectomies, 2011 T7-T12 discectomy,2012 C3-4/C4-5 fusion, right total hip replacement. 2014 C5-6/C6-7 fusion in 2 weeks.
So as you can see I've been around the block a few times and can tell you the only thing that works for me is surgery. Because of insurance we have had to try everything before any surgery would be approved and I have been lucky that each surgery has relieved a lot of my pain. I am not pain free, but I can deal with what I have. Bottom line is get a good surgeon you trust and when nothing else works, have the surgery done, you won't regret it! Good Luck to you!