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Cervical Spine

Hello All,

I am a 21 year old healthy active male. Over the past two months my life makes me sound more like an 80 year old. For about a month I was experiencing a persistent dizziness accompanied by strange sensations that the left and right sides of my body are off balance. I experienced some strange visual disturbances (blurriness, shaking) on and off too. The dizziness has been very debilitating and made me move back to my parents house. When this all started I was taking no medication. Two weeks in I went to my neuro and he said it was anxiety but ordered a brain MRI anyway. MRI showed two brain lesions but they were not active and were nothing to really worry about. I thought it may have been an inner ear thing and I got that tested it all came back normal.

For two weeks symptoms were still there but they werent as strong anymore. I was working and living my life as normally as possible. Then at the end of the two weeks I started to experience a burning and tingling sensation in my arms. The next day it had spread down to my legs and the day after up to my face and neck. The sensations are focused on my left side. I no longer feel burning anymore but I do feel that I have lost a percentage of sensation on my arms legs hands feet neck face and in weird places like the inside of my ear. When I do things like open up a water bottle and exert pressure on my fingers the feeling lingers for a minute.

The neuro ordered an MRI of my C Spine a new Brain MRI and a Spinal Tap. I am now waiting for the results of these two tests. My physical neurological tests were good besides that I had hyper-reflexia. I notice in my arms and hands from time to time that the muscles seem to be tremoring or are hyper and when I walk down stairs I feel the internal tremoring in my knees.

This week I have also noticed my vision has been off. I seem to be experiencing palinopsia which is when you see an after image of light on almost every surface you look at whether its a bright light or just something as dim as your hand in a dark room. I was on and off a low dose beta blocker and before the symptoms started was taking diazepam every day. Would this have affected my vision? Ive noticed it get worse simce Ive been off the meds.

Throughout all of this Ive had weird fatique spells sometimes even upon waking up in the morning.

Also through the past year about once a month I would get this strange sensation that my calf was tremoring internally. When the burning was at its worst I felt the sensation every day. Now it is more on and off.

Does anyone have a clue about what might be going on or can anyone relate. I am suprised that I am still alive after all this and really need to hear about a similar experience for my own sanity.

Thank You,

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