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Re: Adult Down Syndrome

I could use some help. My step son is 21 and before this summer he and I were so close. We went everywhere just had a great time goofing around together. Then we went camping like we have done before and things were great when all of a sudden it was like a light switch he attacked me very violently and to this day we don't know what set him off. Needless to say he is hitting and pushing you name it to me all the time. I don't go near him ever. Now he has turned his aggression towards his mother who is the only one he was letting care for him. He refuses to leave his room and he throws everything including his food at his mother now. We are afraid he will turn on the 3 little girls we have here and hurt them. Before I arrived in their lives he was aggressive towards the twin girls but then he kind of stopped at least it wasn't as bad because I stayed between them and would take him away just the two of us and goof together. We don't know what's going on and my poor wife is so heart broken.

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