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Re: Screws and plates in your surgery

I actually had talonavicular fusion and gastronemius recession and the gastronemius is what bothers me the most it's still pretty tight. I do have pain in my foot after an hour long pt session. I have a very aggressive therapists and I was sick of the crutches but I am walking w/o them even though I have a slight limp. I'm still in my cam boot until I go back to my Dr. on Nov. 18th. It seems like a slow process but don't look day to day, look week to week and you will see big gains. I don't have much pain on my p/t off days but I make sure I stretch my foot and calf muscles every day and that helps a lot. Keep pushing through the pain, my foot aches bad at the end of my p/t but it feels good the next day. It's just all your muscles that sat idle for months getting tired and sore. Take care