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Re: confusing the diagnoses??

Originally Posted by teteri66 View Post
Welcome to the board. I just saw your post. I am sorry no one responded. I can only assume you are not seeing a spine specialist on a regular basis. While I do not see any reason for the headache unless you also have cervical spine issues, there is an extremely good chance the symptoms are caused by nerve compression in the lower lumbar spine.

When there is pain that radiates out from the spine it is often due to a compression or irritation of a spinal nerve. The nerve is affected at the source but the pain can appear anywhere along the pathway of the nerve. You can look up a "dermatome map" and see which nerve innervates which area of the body.

There are two main areas where spinal nerve compression occurs. One is in the central canal and the other is in the neuroforamen. The foramina is an opening that is located at each disc level that allows a spinal nerve to exit the spine and go out to a particular area of the body. When there is something that obstructs this space, there is less room for the nerve. Depending on the extent of the obstruction, the result can be minimal or it can lead to loss of function of a particular area of the body.

When this happens it is important to go in to surgically decompress the nerve to minimize damage to it. Sometimes less invasive treatments can work. It all depends on the reason for the nerve compression.

Sometimes there is tissue that enlarges and usurps space that would otherwise be needed for the nerve to function normally. A disc herniation would be an example of this...or an enlargement of a facet joint, or something like a cyst or tumor would also have the same effect.

In the case of the perineural cyst, it is a bit like a water balloon. It is a sac that is fed by fluid from the central spinal canal. When it becomes large enough to take up space, it can start to press on a spinal nerve...which results in the same symptoms as any other source of nerve compression.

It is important that you make an appointment with a fellowship-trained orthopedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon who only treat neck and back problems. I think you probably need a new MRI to see what is going on...and an expert diagnosis and plan of treatment to arrest further degeneration.