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I found you late, but I thought I would give some insight of other conditions similar. There are so many conditions with the inner ear that could be hard to diagnose. We have similar symptoms but I have been diagnosed with 3 different ones within a month. Menieres seems to be the most diagnosed at early stages.
Shortly after thanksgiving I fell on the ice and had a direct blow to the back of my head (did not catch my fall=hard hit), which was split open and bled. I felt fine up to 3 weeks later then I woke up really dizzy. woke up the following day with most all my hearing gone in my right ear (for years I lost most of my hearing in my left ear for some unknown reason), and already had tinnitus in my left, but never like I do now. Now, I"m almost totally deaf and the tinnitus is sometimes unbearable.
First ENT thought I tore a membrane in the middle ear (PLF) or maybe dealing Meniers. The ENT put me on a steroid and after 7 days all my hearing suddenly came back one morning. This lasted for about 3 days, but it still felt sensitive to loud noises. Then, I went out to shovel one day and I started getting disorientated, not just spinning, but felt like I was high on drugs for a short minute. I took myself back inside and decided I better take it easy. Next day, i go to lunch with a buddy and was extremely dizzy (like the day before the first time I lost my hearing). I went home that day and continued to feel dizzy! recognizing the recurrence, I thought to myself "I bet I lose my hearing tomorrow"! sure hearing! Just so happens I had an appt. with my Med. doctor the next day. On this day I woke up to a very horrible loud screeching noise made me yell for someone to take me to the ER. That lasted for almost an hour I waited it out and went to the doctor. The noise had subdued before reaching my appt. The doctor showed great concern and was in I was in his office for two hours..they called in a Rheumatoid doctor, plus was on a convenience call with an out of state professional Otolaryngologist. Since I have showed signs of possible rheumatoid or some sort of immune disease in the past, they are thinking on the lines of maybe I have an inner ear disease (AIED)! I'm on day 7 of steroids and gained some hearing back yesterday, but for some reason have lost it again today. I have an appointment with the rheumatoid doctor next week and the out state Otolaryngologist next month (crazy, but the doctors today seemed to be booked). I'm not sure what to think, very scary stuff. I'm not used to not being active. I may want to add that I have been having slight to moderate headaches in the back of my head and side. Hope this helps you or someone and if there are replies soon I will respond, otherwise I will move on.

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