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grandson was born with very slanted eyes

I live far from my son so have only seen pictures so far. I won't be able to see the baby in person until summer.

My grandson was born with very slanted eyes. This was mentioned by my daughter in law in the beginning but not since. In pictures, the eyes looked more normal after a few days, but are squinty. However, I see other characteristics. The puffy face without defined cheeks. The white specs in his eyes (I keep hoping this is a flaw in the photos). Many of the pictures have a protruding tongue. One of his ears looks abnormal. He has a short nose. In pictures, he looks floppy, but I don't want to ask them if he feels floppy.

I can't tell if other characteristics apply. I haven't asked them to check for the single line on the hand, or the separation of the toes. I don't want to ask them if the eyes still slant or if the baby has poor muscle tone, short neck, etc.

I don't want to bring any of this up until I get to see the baby myself. Also, the baby has not seen a doctor yet, they used a midwife with an easy delivery. I expect they will see a doctor in the next month or so. Reading accounts on this forum, that is no guarantee that the doctor will raise the possibility of Downs or will order tests.

The baby appears healthy, but almost every picture I get causes me concern.

I believe I am doing the right thing by keeping my concerns to myself. Since he seems healthy, I don't know that an early diagnosis would affect his health, but bringing it up might offend or scare the new parents. I want them to bond without these concerns. Does anyone think I should say something? It seems wrong when I am so far away.

I constantly worry about this. All of my concerns might be unfounded, but it has been keeping me awake and I needed to "talk to" someone about this.

One thing I realize is that my initial distress about this has lessened. The more convinced I am of the possible problem, the more I am able to accept it. I know we will all love the baby no matter what. I worry about the new parents if this is true, but I know they already love the baby and have strongly bonded.


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