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Re: anyone had nerve palsy after neck surgery?

Hi, I had a ACDF in Dec 2011, just over 3 years ago.
I have numbness, tingling & pain in both arms, wrists, hands & fingers with the left being the worst. Some times the left wrist is very painful and there's a lot of numbness & tingling. I drop things right out of my hands at times because I don't feel what ever I'm holding.
From what my doctor told me then was that I have nerve damage from before the surgery.
I did get relief from the pain in my neck and shoulders a few months (I think it was) post op so that was good. But I still have the other issues I had pre-op.

Also, the level above that fusion needs to be fused. The herniation at C-3, C-4 is pressing on the spinal cord now.
It's strange because my 2nd opinion was with a Ortho surgeon and he suggested to do a 4 level fusion not the 2 level that the Neuro suggested & did.
If I could go back, I'd choose the 4 level so I wouldn't have to have more
surgery!! I knew there was a risk that this might happen but obviously the Ortho surgeon was right.

So, one day when I get regular health insurance, I will end up having another surgery.

I hope everything turns out well for you and that you will recover 100% because that does happen as well.
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