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Re: neck issues

i am now scheduled for an acdf c5-6 on wednesday, may 6th.

i had hoped for a disc replacement, but the arthritis is too advanced. there are cysts in the bone & the surgeon believes there is little, if any, disc material left in the space - it's basically "bone on bone."while i understand this may not relieve all of my pain, it will remove the stenosis (both central & foraminal) & strengthen my cervical spine. my only other option is to live with chronic pain & wait for permanent nerve damage, which is really no option at all.

so i've been reading up on what to expect from recovery. i have a list of supplies to gather before the surgery, i have arranged for someone to be with me afterward for about 5 days. after that, i'm on my own.

my pre-surgical consult is next monday at which i expect to learn more about my limitations, follow-up care, & which pain management options are available to me.

needless to say, i'm scared & never having had any surgery of this type i have little to no idea what to expect.

for anyone who has had this procedure, what advice can you offer in regards to my ability to move around unaided, how long before i can bend at the waist, when & what was the worst part of recovery, & at what point can i resume somewhat normal activities?