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Hi Tex, my neck cracks all the time too.
So does my lower back and upper middle back.
My spine does it all the time.
I'm getting ready to set up my appointments with a Neurologist and a Doctor of Physical medicine.
I'll let you know what they say.
I sort of think my problem is related to spasms too.
My body tends to have bad spasms.
The only meds that really help my long and continuing
pain are anti-spasmosics.
When the spasms release, my bones crack on their own.
I've had a few accidents over the years.
I was in a car accident. A sports car with the top down and flipped on my head. So I've had this ongoing thing since then (a gazillion years ago.)
I learned to cope.
Then a couple of years ago I fell off the horse and landed flat on my belly on the trail.
My head flipped all the way back and that wasn't good either.
So back in 2001 I started having female problems.
Had a hysterectomy that caused my colon to fail and when we did the emergency surgery for that little fiasco they had to tube me and now, a few months later, my JAW HURTS!!!and keeps slipping side to side.
But spasm meds really do help so I guess we'll see what the professionals think.
I'll keep ya posted.